To deploy a sustainable development,
we make it visible, tangible and actionable

There’s no shortage of great ideas.

The true challenge lies in engaging the full organisation.

Many ambitious organisations enjoy the luxurious position of having great strategies and great teams, and yet, often, something does not quite tick as it should. Can you make more of this position? How do you move from great to outstanding performance? Being fully connected is the key.
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Stratwise enables connections and interventions that an organisation can apply, to take performance to the next level. Connecting individual drivers to the purpose of the organisation, turning strategies into actions, looking at the balance of feelings and experience vs. reason, and strengthening connections between people. This is the key to making great teams even better and enabling high-performance organisations to reach the next level, faster.

Whichever sustainable development you wish to deploy within your organisation, we can make it visible, tangible and actionable.


  • Real insight, fast
  • Original tailor-made
  • Integral approach
  • Real insight, fast

    A well-run organisation is based on people who are proficient in their field, who work well together and who work towards the broader vision and goals. This sounds great. But is there more to it than that? Stratwise enables even greater achievements via a comprehensive review to identify the key opportunities fast:
    • By zooming in and zooming out, you can strengthen the connections between the individual, the team, the organisation and society at large. People who experience this process feel strengthened, empowered and motivated, and can go on to make better decisions for all their key stakeholders.
    • By looking deeper, team leaders gain new insights into the fundamental causes of possible obstacles. This enables them to determine long-term, sustainable solutions, which are much more effective than applying the usual short-term fixes. Clearly, if you wish to reach the next level, you should adopt a new approach.
    Working with Stratwise engages each individual and considers his or her role in the team. Organisations which are open for such an integral approach, quickly notice that the returns are significant and that the positive outcome is sustained.
  • Original tailor-made

    During our meetings, we apply a broad range of methods, techniques and theories to maximise the effectiveness for each situation. We leverage our deeply rooted insights into organisations, and adopt a very personal approach to set the foundation for working together highly effectively. This combination of method and expertise enables us to respond quickly and effectively to each unique situation.

    This is what you can expect from our sessions:
    • We always connect theory and practice.
    • We respond directly to current issues.
    • We work actively, with tangible examples and visuals, pulled in on the spot as needed, thereby bringing originality and flexibility.
    …and consequently, we do not follow a fixed or pre-set plan for each working session.
  • Integral approach

    Stratwise offers an integral approach which does full justice to business reality. Significant improvement does not come from ad hoc consulting, coaching or training; everyday reality is simply too complex for such a fragmented approach. Therefore, we pay attention to the content and the plans, as well as the experience of the people. Via this integrated approach, we work together to achieve sustainable, long-term results.


“All project engineers acknowledged the need for self-awareness to boost performance and health.”

Stefan Kansy
Head of New Projects
EnBW Energie Baden-Württemberg AG
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"Marlies has the ability to address people in ways that resonate with their intrinsic motives. She makes the effort to fully understand our situation and what the individuals involved need. As a result, she has been able to address sensitive issues. She managed to convey the message clearly and concretely to everyone in the workshops. Moreover, she made it actionable, and as such, is having a lasting impact on the team.”
“The team gained a clear sense of connection towards the organisation and our shared ambition.”

Theo van Aalst
Director of Strategy & Development
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“Starting from our own individual motivations, Marlies strengthened our connection as a team. We looked at the value of the organisation in society with fresh eyes, and experienced a shared ambition, that had an inspirational impact on us. The way Marlies switched perspectives between individual, team, organisational and societal levels felt very natural and refreshing. In doing so, she made us see and experience how we could enhance our effectiveness in the organisation. For all of us, the session opened new windows of understanding and opportunity.”
“Within the two-days of a convention, all participants experienced how they, themselves, can make a difference. ”

Christoph Hagedorn
Senior Vice-President of Corporate Quality & Environment
Continental AG
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“Marlies has a unique ability to create strong connections between people, who often didn't know each other before the conventions, thus turning us into a team, very fast. She has an eye for every individual and creates meaningful connections, that have an effective impact on our professional and personal lives. Marlies clearly has a very good sense for group dynamics and times her interventions very well."

We understand business

Marlies van Laarhoven has a long-standing experience of working with international companies. She was a manager at Procter & Gamble and later a Strategy Consultant at Arthur D. Little. This gives her the business background necessary to quickly identify the challenges and opportunities of an organisation. As a co-founder of a successful consulting company which is now part of AT Kearney, and initiator of the European IEM Caring Foundation network, she also brings experience that makes her a unique "growth enhancer".

We work together

Anyone who works with Stratwise has access to an international network of highly qualified professionals, who have hands-on experience with the benefits of a connected economy. We can always involve people who can add extra value to our collaboration, if and when needed.

We strive for impact

We realise lasting impact in a highly positive way. This is our driving force. We are not about selling as many consulting hours as possible. Instead, we are about identifying opportunities and making connections, considering all aspects and possibilities. So if there’s no value added, we’ll move on to see where we can make a difference. And we’ll be happy to have met you.